Here in the Pacific Northwest, wildfires have choked the skies with impenetrable clouds of smoke that hide the sun and makes it difficult to breathe. Thousands of people have been displaced, and it’s caused businesses large and small to temporarily close. Over the last few days the Air Quality Index in the Portland region has fluctuated between 300 and 500, with anything over 300 considered “hazardous.” Now as the worst appears to be behind the Northwest, the Gulf Coast is getting battered by Hurricane Sally, the second major storm to hit the area in less than a month.


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Natural disaster is scary, dangerous, and one of many unexpected events that can require data storage removability and interoperability. The U.S. military has understood this for decades, which is why it deploys removable storage with detachments who may need to pack up and leave at a moment’s notice. Should disaster strike – whether a man-made threat or mother nature – it’s easy for them to pull their data and leave.

For the same reason that removable storage makes it difficult to hack data, it also makes it ideal for quickly and securely transporting data from place to place. In the past we’ve talked about how useful it is to ship data, but the recent days remind us how on occasion we’ve all got to be prepared to pack up and ship out. A removable and interoperable data storage solution is the only way to ensure that when you’re forced to relocate or choose to move, all of your data is ready to access at a moment’s notice. No uploads, no downloads, and no delays.

Oh, and given the recent fires and hurricanes, I’d be remiss if I didn’t leave a nod to ioSafe, our sister brand of fireproof and waterproof storage devices. Stay safe out there!

H.G. Blakeman

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