Government & Mission Ready

SHIPS is the fastest way to transport and secure large-volume data for government use. Our fully integrated storage module, the centerpiece of the platform, allows for quick data transfer between many different device types.

Endurance to Get the Job Done

The SHIPS platform is built around a military-grade aluminum storage module designed for tens of thousands of use cycles and rugged environments.

Plus, the SHIPS platform is designed for PCIe 4, for next gen speeds. While traditional SSDs max out at 6 Gbps, the SHIPS platform will launch with theoretical speeds of 32 Gbps.

Built to Go and Go

We’ve engineered our SHIPS module to be rugged enough to follow the action.

Not only will it survive years of daily use, it’s light and small enough to integrate into wearable computers, where it can easily record or deliver mission data.

Trusted for Over 30 Years to Secure Your Data

For nearly 35 years, CRU has been at the forefront of secure data storage and fast data transfer technologies.

CRU removable and mobile rack data solutions are trusted by military and government agencies, as well as businesses around the world, to easily and efficiently secure and transport their sensitive data.

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