Built for Brutal Industrial Conditions

From greasy manufacturing floors to autonomous vehicles, SHIPS modules are designed for to follow industrial work wherever required.

We know that data storage in industrial or enterprise environments is put to the test day after day, so we’ve centered our SHIPS platform around an all-metal construction that can survive tens of thousands of removal cycles.

Universal, Meet Highly Versatile

The SHIPS module can be ingested into desktops, laptops, workstations, any custom system, should the requirement arise.

Think of the SHIPS module like a rugged SD card… one that is designed for punishing conditions, unmatched performance, and high capacity.

Millions Shipped

CRU’s removable drives are industry standards for transporting and securing large volumes of data.

Trusted by Fortune 100 companies, our removables are essential data storage devices installed in factories, offices, vehicles, and facilities around the world.

CRU is proud to be the exclusive supplier of removable drives to many major manufacturers, and to lead the market in physical data security and protection.

Trusted for Over 30 Years to Secure Your Data

For nearly 35 years, CRU has been at the forefront of secure data storage and fast data transfer technologies.

CRU removable and mobile rack data solutions are trusted by military and government agencies, as well as businesses around the world, to easily and efficiently secure and transport their sensitive data.

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