Four years ago Apple killed the SD card slot in its MacBook Pro laptop, much to the outrage of many professional photographers. Why were the shutterbugs mad? Because the SD card is a convenient, small, and ubiquitous standard for raw photos and videos. You’ll find it in many pro cameras and it can be ingested into many laptops and desktops. It’s extremely portable and offers a variety of high capacities. Sound familiar?

Interoperable storage like traditional removable drives or our new SHIPS line make it possible to streamline complex workflows and move large-volume data quickly. While the SD card is a great tool for photographers, for military or industrial applications a little piece of flimsy plastic isn’t going to make the cut. Lightweight and tiny are only useful for certain situations, in others it’s necessary to have more formidable and resilient equipment.

Because removable storage might be used from everything from a data center to an autonomous vehicle (or both in the same workflow), it is critically important that it is built tough – high quality metal parts with a long lasting connector. For example, the SHIPS module has an aluminum chassis and a mate/demate rating of 20,000 cycles. That means it can be ejected and reinserted five times a day for just about 11 years! It’s the ability of removable storage to weather these punishing conditions that makes it so reliable.

H.G. Blakeman

H.G. Blakeman

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