Over the last few weeks we’ve hosted two webinars about NVMe storage and our new SHIPs platform. SHIPS, or Secure High Performance Storage, introduces the data transfer performance of NVMe PCIe m.2 solid state drives with the removability and interoperability that CRU removable drives are known for. In short, as a trusted manufacturer of removable storage drive technology, we are developing for the next generation of storage drives.

Our first webinar, Removability in a Secure World, dove into the technical considerations required to develop a reliable removable drive solution for PCIe and what we learned while developing the SHIPS platform.

Key insights included:

  • NVMe-based SSDs introduce a couple of key challenges to address when creating removable solutions for technologies that weren’t necessarily designed for day-in and day-out removability:
    • Heat – Thermal management is crucial since high temperatures can throttle or slow down the performance of the SSD and impact its longevity.
    • Solutions for PCIe NVMe SSDs, with their high performance transfer speeds up to 7x standard SATA SSDs, must be carefully designed to maintain performance and PCIe compliance.
  • What does it mean to be PCIe compliant and how is it achieved?
    • Compliance is important for reliable, predictable performance.
    • The SHIPS platform products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they stay within PCIe specifications.
    • Our solution was designed for the future, with PCIe Gen 4 in mind.
  • Considerations when implementing an NVMe-based removable storage strategy
    • Durability – our solution is rated for 7+ years of daily use (at least 20,000 mate/de-mate cycles). We leveraged our years of experience creating reliable interconnects when designing our modules.
    • Signal integrity – Signal integrity is important to system performance, and it’s the integration of all components that matter—not the performance of any single one.

Our second webinar, Secure Removable NVMe Storage, focused on the SHIPS platform and its initial products. We also covered use cases in industrial and military applications. Whether an autonomous vehicle, field data collection device, or compute host ingestion for analysis, moving large amounts of data requires removable storage products that are durable and maintain high performance. The advantages of the SHIPS platform include easy integration with a complete PCIe-certified system, compatibility across multiple form factors, and a long product lifecycle to integrate into your workflow.

As a leader in the removable storage drive market, we have successfully pioneered solutions from PATA IDE storage solutions, SCSI, to SATA, and now to the PCIe NVMe interface. Our removable drive solutions are in a variety of markets including secure government facilities, digital cinema entertainment, IoT edge devices such as those in autonomous aerial and land vehicles. Utilizing the PCIe NVMe interface, the SHIPS platform will take advantage of today’s high performance storage and be ready for tomorrow’s high performance storage.

Keep an eye out for future webcasts on the SHIPS platform. We will present tests from PCIe NVMe SSD heat dissipation to PCIe compliance. There will also be highlights of our removability resilience test.

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Benny Kuo

Benny Kuo

Product Marketing Manager

Among wearing many hats in the CRU marketing team, Benny often engages in tradeshows, customer interviews, and competitive analysis. In his spare time, he enjoys repairing computers — saving them from the e-waste stream.