Last week’s blog post mentioned how some Department of Defense agencies utilize removable storage in their advanced flight scenarios. Many people might not have considered how beneficial removable storage is in a situation like that, which got us thinking: what are the other strange and interesting ways businesses, the military, or government agencies have come to rely on removable storage? Below you’ll find just a taste of some of the fascinating circumstances where removable storage has been implemented. 

Transporting classified data 

We won’t name names, but several federal intelligence agencies utilize encrypted removable storage to transport sensitive or classified data. Employing removable storage with a physical encryption key, these agencies ship the removable and key separately, thus ensuring that if the storage device is lost, stolen, or falls into the wrong hands, the data can’t be accessed. To unauthorized users, the drive appears to be unformatted. Plus, removability makes it easy for agents to quickly remove the storage in case of emergency or sudden development.  

Developing autonomous vehicles 

Removable storage is used by autonomous trucking developers to store and transport the terabytes of data they create while testing their vehicles. The trucks are deployed on the road and generate tons of data that is then ingested into company racks using the removables. 

POS data at restaurants 

Restaurants are constantly collecting useful data on their customers. This data can drive menu changes or open new location opportunities. We know of one franchiser with more than 160 restaurants that uses removable storage to store and back up POS data. Should their server go down, they can pull the removable storage and put it into another system or easily ship it back to the company’s headquarters without sending the data over a network. 

Safeguarding the postal service 

The USPS has a facility where the workload is project driven, and the workspace is shared among workers with different shifts. Each worker’s cases and workloads are saved to removable storage that can be moved to a secure locker that only the designated employee has access to. No data is ever stored on the workstation where unauthorized employees could see it. 

Blockbusters near you 

Because removable storage is an easy and reliable method of transporting large volumes of data, movie studios worldwide adopted them for sending their movies to cinemas. When we finally get to go back to the theater and see the latest flick, there’s a good chance it was delivered there with a removable. 

All aboard the data train 

A major railroad uses removable storage to collect video surveillance data captured at various recording stations along their railway. Removable storage enables the railroad to record data for extended periods without elaborate equipment. If the captured video needs to be reviewed, the drives can be easily accessed and swapped. 

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