Your data quickly adds up

If you work in government, enterprise, or you’re a creative professional, chances are you know how quickly you accumulate data. When it comes to managing and moving those terabytes and terabytes, there’s only one way that ensures the highest speed and reliability. Removable storage makes it easy to quickly move data. Let’s say you’ve got a huge project – maybe the sensor data from an autonomous vehicle or the raw footage from a recent 4K shoot. You’re in New York, but the team is in San Francisco. How do you move, let’s say a 2 TB project? Shipping the data with removable storage is much safer, easier, and faster than relying on cloud storage.

Transfer Speed

Cloud solutions are inadequate

It’s time consuming and risky to send large-volume data over the internet. According to Speedtest in June 2020, the average American fixed download speed is 56 Mbps. At that rate, it would take 3.3 days just to upload the 2 TB! Due to the occasional packet loss that is a mainstay of internet transfer, your files may not be entirely there when they (someday) finish downloading. Let’s hope the connection is stable for a couple of days, too! Additionally, security should be a concern. During the transfer, your data may travel over unsecured networks and stored in undisclosed and unsecured storage centers, offering additional access points to confidential or proprietary files.


Removable Storage

Removable storage for transport and security

Have you ever heard the saying “FedEx is faster than the internet” online before? Transporting and managing that 2 TB project is considerably easier with removable storage, which can be easily secured from prying eyes and overnight shipped when necessary. When in transit, removable storage can also be fully encrypted. When it comes to speed and security, removable storage remains king.



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