As we mentioned a couple weeks ago, removable storage can mean different things to different people. Everything from a thumb drive to a DVD could be considered “removable storage,” but here at CRU we use the phrase to refer to ruggedly built devices designed to easily and quickly disconnect internal hard drives or SSDs from a system tens of thousands of times. We also use the term “removable drives” and in other corners of the web you might see the term “mobile racks.” 

Thousands of insertions/removals, hardy construction, fast speeds, quick removal. Seems simple enough, but that’s just where the story gets started. Removable storage can be adapted to fit into a variety of form factors using different media, materials, and throughputs. For example, over our nearly 35 years we’ve shipped removable drives meant for IDE, SCSI, SATA, and now PCIe drives. With each reinvention, more than just performance has been improved. Smaller media has allowed us to build removable storage for SFF workstations, desktops, and even laptops.  

Now we’re on the first page of a new chapter in removable storage built with NVMe SSDs. After three decades, the technology required is getting more complex and exacting. To better enable high-performance data security solutions for our customers in the military and civilian agencies, we’re addressing those challenges and incorporating them into the integrated and integratable SHIPS platformFor example, armed with our SHIPS interface control documents (ICDs)system integrators and engineers can create solutions for drones, industrial components and devices—in fact, anything outside of traditional form factors that need the advantages of the SHIPS module’s ruggedness and small size. We’ve erased old boundaries to enable new kinds of physical data security and high-speed data collection solutions. When shopping for removable storage solutions, be conscious of your technical requirements and performance expectations. 

H.G. Blakeman

H.G. Blakeman

Marketing Communications Specialist

Telling CRU success stories and making it easier for customers to find the perfect data security solution for their needs. When off the clock, Harry writes, designs typefaces, and walks his scrappy little terrier. He loves getting outside to enjoy the sun, mow the lawn, or ride his bike.