Mission Ready Data Security

The SHIPS platform is ready for action

Developing reliable data storage

CRU brings its expertise in constructing rugged, military-engineered data storage to the all-new Secure High Performance Storage (SHIPS) is a removable PCIe-based NVMe SSD storage platform that will support a variety of compute

platforms from desktop PCs, tactical computers, and edge devices in the office or in theater. Put simply, it’s the fastest way to transport and secure large-volume data. Our fully integrated and tested storage module, the centerpiece of

the platform, allows for quick data transfer between devices such as workstations and desktops, or even drones and specialized vehicles. The ruggedly built module makes it easy to manage data and ensure compartmentalization.

Inside you’ll learn about:


Designed for the next generation


Customizable for specific mission requirements

Docking components available
Decades of experience, millions installed