The Department of Defense (DoD) is responsible for a massive operation of personnel, equipment, vehicles, and more. I use the word “massive,” but it doesn’t even begin to describe the scale of the work that they do. The DoD budget is $716 billion, or 3.1% of the U.S. GDP. They employee 2.87 million individuals – making them the country’s largest employer – or the equivalent of about three and a half Amazons. Their operations span the globe, with sites on all seven continents and in more than 160 countries. So how does an organization this big function at high levels of efficiency? They rely on outstanding IT and infrastructure workflows and protocols.


Military IT


In the world of data storage, that means developing ordered steps to make sure confidential data remains that way – whether its aerial surveillance images, mission details, or engineering schematics – so that only the appropriate people inside or outside of the organization have access. Removable storage makes it easy to swap out datasets depending on who’s on deck, in the office, or in the field. Disconnected removable storage devices are free from the threat of data breach or hacking attempts, can be shipped anywhere quickly, and are getting faster and faster.

For obvious reasons, the DoD wouldn’t appreciate it if we detailed all of their data management workflows. However, we can share a little story about how removable storage offers genuine utility to the U.S. military in a way no other data system can.

Boeing provides multiple DoD agencies with brand new, advanced flight simulation workstations that reproduce a variety aerial and combat scenarios. The scenarios are composed of large, detailed files, which can be quickly and easily swapped out by switching removable storage devices. This makes it simple to manage the data presented to the pilots and quickly load up different scenarios.

Removable storage is critical to DoD IT infrastructure (CRU’s removables have been relied by the U.S. military for nearly 35 years). When an organization with operations at the scale of the DoD chooses removable storage, you know they had a good reason.

H.G. Blakeman

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