Decades of Military Trust

CRU has been in the business of protecting data and securing it for transport or away from prying eyes for nearly 35 years, and along the way we’ve learned a thing or two about building useful tools for the Department of Defense and other government agencies. It all started when the Harvey brothers, our founders, hatched the idea for our first product after seeing a real, genuine need for removable drives in the U.S. military. Three decades later, CRU is still providing equipment that is trusted and relied on by the military, as well as civilian agencies, and businesses around the world.

To build storage devices that can be found everywhere from sky to land to sea takes more than simply solid engineering skills (although yes, we’ve got those), it takes a fundamental understanding of what it means to make “mission ready” equipment.


What “Mission Ready” Means to Us

Following the example set by the Harvey brothers in 1986, we endeavor to always set out to create a product for a variety of mission requirements. Our devices – or any company’s – can only become trusted day in and day out if they are grounded with that principle. So how do we create something lasting if the specifics of a mission might at first blush be seen as above our paygrade? That’s where these principles of “mission readiness” come in:

  • Improves effectiveness and efficiency
  • Continuous, 24/7 reliability
  • Available when needed
  • Increases lethality
  • Designed for your mission
  • Increases safety

Any company following the above guidelines strives to make devices that are easy to use, reliable, rugged, and efficient. The details of the missions might change, but we do our best to ensure that what we’ve shipped will be useful no matter the moment.

To be truly mission ready is to approach each product development cycle as an opportunity to examine how one is stacking up based on these criteria, and what improvements can be made. This is a whole company effort, although it is so ingrained in CRU’s culture we sometimes take it for granted. Marketing and sales learn the most about the problem the customer faces as possible and bring a picture of it to engineering which, in turn, develops, iterates, and tests until it has found the best possible solution. Operations makes sure we deliver on time. Wash and repeat. Along the way we’re always asking questions about reliability, build quality, ease of use, and performance.


“Mission Ready” Means We’re Committed

In keeping with a “mission ready” corporate ethos, we focus on customer success long after the product has shipped. That means U.S.-based customer support as well as engineering support and troubleshooting if necessary. It also means that we keep our eyes peeled and our ears to the ground – we want to know what’s next for our customers and what we can do to dependably support their missions. “Mission ready” is an ongoing effort, which has to be practiced and exercised regularly to create solutions that embody that commitment.

H.G. Blakeman

H.G. Blakeman

Marketing Communications Specialist

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