A question that we often get from our customers is where our products are made. We know that this is an important questionespecially when you consider that our products play a critical role in protecting our customers’ data whether that’s securing our nation’s secrets from hackers or protecting critical customer data for a small business. 

Very simply, with few exceptions, all of our products are assembled in our factories by our team of skilled employees in Vancouver, WA and Roseville, CA using components sourced both overseas and domestically. All of our CRU removable products are TAA certified, and additionally, they’re all designed and engineered in the USA. Including SHIPS, our latest generation removable platform. 

Ok, that sounds good. How is this different than made in USAand what does TAA certified mean?  

Unlike many companies that will do anything to hide where their products are actually manufactured, we take pride in employing a domestic workforce to design, assemble, and support the products even though we can’t claim “made in USA.” That phrase requires us to certify that the product contains no or negligible foreign content, and we use too many internationally sourced components (e.g., hard drives), to be able to claim it. Unfortunately, given the nature of technology, few if any of the major components required are available to manufacturers in the USA.  

However, for our CRU removable storage products, we certify that the products are TAA compliant. This means that all of the material from sheet metal to connectors and power supplies are sourced from a country designated as trade friendly to the USA. This excludes sourcing materials from countries like China, India, and Russia. 

We take pride engineering and manufacturing our products in a way that maximizes opportunities for work right here in the United States. We hope that when you are looking for removable solutions you care as much as we do where they are designed and built!

Robin Wessel

Robin Wessel

Executive Vice President

Robin has overall responsibility for organizing the development of the strategic direction of CDSG (CRU’s parent company), as well leading the sales, marketing, and engineering organizations. He ensures that CDSG’s product and solutions stay ahead of the competition, exceed customer expectations and available where and when our customers need them.