In our first blog post, we wrote about what it means for a company and its products to be “mission ready.” Among the many requirements of mission readiness is the need for devices to operate continuously and be reliable 24/7. After all, when the U.S. military purchases equipment to keep them mission-ready, there is significantly more than financial loss on the line if something doesn’t work. Real people, their families, and their country are depending on it. For that reason, our military and civilian Federal customers shop only from trusted American firms that deliver secure and proven products and solutions.

Last week we wrote about how important it is to use American-designed and controlled devices, and this is key to reliability (not to mention security). Yet ensuring lethality – a cornerstone of our national defense strategy – requires many wide-ranging priorities including modernization, forward-thinking attitudes, and flexibility. These priorities and others have led the U.S. military to use only the most rugged and longest-lasting data storage devices available. It may seem strange to evaluate data storage methods the same way you evaluate tactical gear, but it’s this standard of quality and dependability that keeps the world’s most formidable force sharp, ready for anything, and ahead of the pack.

When examining data storage options, think like the U.S. military, and apply these priorities. Think of them as tenets for evaluating products or solutions.

  • Modernization – Does the storage solution help the organization stay current with the latest speeds, needs, and threats?
  • Forward-thinking – The data storage you’re using might be adequate now, but what steps will need to be taken to make sure it is secure and reliable 24/7 in a few years?
  • Flexible – What can your data storage do for the organization, and are there different solutions that offer greater utility?

Of course, it goes without saying that CRU builds all of its products, including the new SHIPS platform, with this level of reliability. We use premium materials and technology to ensure that whenever our devices turned to, they perform as required. (We also maintain U.S.-based support teams to field any questions if the need should ever arise.)

H.G. Blakeman

H.G. Blakeman

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