Garmin, the tech company famous for making everything from GPS devices to wristwatches, was hit by a major cyberattack on July 23. As you may have heard, this data breach interrupted their services and stalled many of their products in the field. A few weeks later it was reported that the event that brought Garmin’s systems down was a ransomware attack and the company forked over millions of dollars to the criminals to regain access to their files and systems.

Garmin may have been the latest high-profile victim of data breach, but they’re far from the only one. Over the years Target, Home Depot, Equifax, Yahoo, and so many more have become prey to online hackers. It happens so often most consumers have become numb to the news as companies lose money, secrets, and time.

Data Breach

We’ve been in the business of data security for nearly 35 years, and along the way we’ve learned a thing or two about keeping precious data where it belongs. Our military and government customers, who trust CRU devices to protect highly classified material and ensure their data security workflows, have long relied on removable storage to maintain confidential material.

Government agencies and the military have a long list of data storage requirements, but the utmost in data security and data privacy are major priorities. Garmin and companies like it are at risk of losing proprietary work, intellectual property, and a few million dollars, but the agencies and military looking for solutions to protect their data know that actual lives are at stake.

Removable storage has been tested by time (we can personally attest to a few million devices in the field). It remains the fastest way to move data, and it offers a combination of rugged build quality, high capacity throughput, and interoperability that is unmatched in the industry.

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